Introducing the next generation of in-home immersion therapy

The Emerg Auto-Emersion-therapy provides a fluid-like immersion environment that is uniquely designed to automatically sense and adjust pressure to a specific patient. Optimized for in-home recovery, Emerg easily adapts to each patient through our touchscreen Tec-nology platform. Speak to one of our representatives to learn more.

Product Features

  • Automatically senses and maintains the patient’s specific therapy setting without additional adjustments.
  • Simulates a fluid medium to optimize pressure redistribution while reducing soft tissue distortion, friction and shearing.
  • 50% better immersion and better envelopment than leading market competitor.
  • Incredibly easy to use touchscreen TEC-NologyTM reduces potential risk of user error.
  • Side bolsters improve edge stability during egress.
  • Comfort controls offer patient autonomy without therapy compromise.
  • Maintains ideal pressure environment for up to 8 hours during outage or transport-no battery required.
  • Available in standard and bariatric mattress replacements.

replacement mattress SPECIFICATIONS

Surface Width

Surface Length

Surface Depth

Weight Limit

How it works

Competitive Surfaces require manual adjustments that can inhibit wound healing and increase treatment costs

Emerg was designed to reduce the risk of therapy errors and automatically sense and adjust the pressure environment specific to the patient’s needs without additional adjustments. Emerg mimics a fluid medium and provides greater immersion into the surface while enveloping the bony prominence. Immersion into a surface increases the contact area between the body and the therapy surface resulting in lower pressures. Optimizing pressure redistribution will result in reduced soft tissue distortion, friction, and shear vs shearing.