COVID-19 Response: Ethos Therapy Solutions remains operational to assist transitioning patients into the home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please call if you need specialized support surfaces including air fluidized therapy.

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  • Ethos offers the best in-home Air Fluidized Therapy (AFT) technologies for patients recovering from wounds or pressure injuries. AFT, also known as a bead bed or sand bed, is considered the gold standard for treating Stage III and IV pressure ulcers and can be critical to accelerate wound healing.

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  • Immersion Therapy Surfaces are designed to redistribute pressure by monitoring the influence of weight, movement and surface area to the volume of displacement or immersion into the mattress. Using pressure waveforms to monitor the influence of patient weight.

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  • Ethos offers the Dolphin Fluid Immersion Simulation ® (FIS) system for in-home use to patients recovering from wounds or pressure injuries. The Dolphin System is designed to provide pressure redistribution by simulating the effects of a body immersed in a fluid medium. Speak to one of our representatives to learn more.
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  • Ethos Therapy Solutions provides in home delivery of mattress replacement products for patients suffering from pressure ulcers or at a high risk of developing pressure ulcers. Low air loss and alternating pressure therapy, also referred to as Group II support surfaces, provide an essential form of treatment to help patients heal at home and away from the hospital.

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  • Medical Surgical Bed with scale and Bed Exit Detection System

    The ooksnow hospital bed suits various environments from med-surg to high acuity care. It is designed to maximize infection control and reduce fall risk. The ooksnow combines both low bed and high-performance hospital bed characteristics into one easy to use product. The ooksnow combines both low bed and high performance hospital bed characteristics.

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  • Air fluidized therapy is the ideal choice when preparing patients with a pressure injury for flap or graft surgery and throughout the healing episode.
    Clinical studies of patients with Spinal Cord Injuries undergoing reconstructive repair for a pressure injury were at risk for surgical complications.

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Continuity of care between hospital, outpatient services, and home are critical to patient outcomes and quality of care. 888.861.8612
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Client Testimonials

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Ethos Therapy Solutions. I have used Ethos on Multiple occasions for patients who require a high level of care due to complex wounds. They have a range of specialty beds that are not available through the other DME companies we utilize. They are one of the few companies who are willing to work with both the clientele of our institution as well as the acuity of care required. Many of our patients have complicated medical histories as well as stressed family dynamics. Ethos does a comprehensive home assessment which is a service that is normally not provided by entities, have no access to. Using Ethos Therapy Solutions for these patients helps keep our re-admissions down. When our patients are cared for and have proper equipment, they are less likely to call 911 and come back into the hospital.”

Colombia S., Care Management Nurse

Patient and Family Resources

For product questions or service, please call 888.861.8612.
For important home safety information and available resources in your community, click on the link below. Read More

clinical corner

As patients transition across the care continuum, collaboration among members of the healthcare team is critical to prevent gaps in service and promote quality, cost-effective care. Read More

Cost of Care for Pressure Injury

According to the AHRQ, approximately 2.5 million patients are affected by a pressure injury each year. The annual cost for care in the United States is estimated to be between $9.1 billion and $11.6 billion with a range of $20,900 to $151, 700 per pressure injury.

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Referrals and Product Questions

If you would like to make a referral or have questions about our products and services, we are ready to help you get started. Please call 888-861-8612 to speak to one of our Client Navigators or to reach your local Therapy Consultant.

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Education and Tools

At Ethos, we understand your need to have quick reference guides at your fingertips. Click on the link below for tools to help with patient assessment and documentation necessary to meet payer requirements and to review surface options available for your patients.

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Clinical Corner

As a clinically focused company, our goal is to promote wound healing and greater independence for patients at home. Our Therapy Consultants help clinicians align the most medically appropriate therapy surface or frame to the patient’s needs and treatment goals.

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