As patients transition across the care continuum, collaboration among members of the healthcare team is
critical to prevent gaps in service and promote quality, cost-effective care.

Our simple process promotes communication among the clinician, caregiver and patient to help achieve treatment goals, and advance the patient’s wound towards healing.

Collaborate, Learn, Heal.


Our Therapy Consultants collaborate with clinicians across care settings to help align treatment goals with the ideal therapy surface for patients at home. Our Client Navigators help guide the clinician through the documentation process necessary to support medical necessity.



Therapy Consultants offer educational tools to assist clinicians with assessment and documentation of pressure injuries and clinical indications for therapy surfaces. We help the patient and caregiver understand why the therapy surface is part of their treatment plan and essential to the healing process.

Our Technical Specialists engage the patient and caregiver in hands-on product training and discuss utilization requirements for the therapy surface. On-site training helps promote safe product use and patient compliance with their treatment plan.


Our goal is to advance healing for patients with pressure injuries. Our clinical support team ensures patients receive the most medically appropriate therapy throughout the care episode.

Our Outcome Specialists work with Therapy Consultants and clinician to track the patient’s monthly progress on our surfaces using our proprietary Clinical Tracking Tool.

EthosTM Therapy Solutions

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