Digital Wound Management

Helping patients heal faster and improve outcomes

eKare Telehealth:

A Virtual Solution for Patient-Provider Engagements

eKare Telehealth delivers convenient and secure solutions for healthcare providers with three main capabilities:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Store & Forward Data Sharing
  • Live Video Conferencing

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Remote Patient Monitoring

eKare Telehealth enables clinician patient interaction and the remote monitoring of wound healing. Patients can use their own mobile device to easily perform the following functions:

  • Capture a wound image and measurement without the need to use a reference sticker
  • Complete a short assessment questionnaire to evaluate potential infection risk
  • Communicate with their provider via secure messaging

Store & Forward Data Sharing

With store & forward data sharing, clinicians can conveniently and securely access patient-captured wound images and assessments outside of real-time interactions. Clinicians can also share patient data, when appropriate, with other specialists in order to advance patient care and outcomes.

Live Video Conferencing

eKare Telehealth will use a HIPAA compliant healthcare platform to enable live teleconferences. Clinicians will have the ability for two-way interactions with patients, either directly or with a home health aide at their side.

inSight ® 3D Wound Management

The inSight® 3D wound management platform system provides a comprehensive solution for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of wounds. inSight obtains high quality images and wound measurements from a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone.
The inSight technology eliminates the need to manually collect and manage wound data. By using the latest in computer vision technology, inSight generates 3D reconstruction and translates the data into area, length, width, depth and volume measurements. Machine learning is used to analyze and approximate wound tissue composition.

Business Intelligence

Ethos Therapy Solutions offers Business Intelligence (BI) tools to help organizations transform complex wound data and drive business decisions. Our BI tool relies on the most accurate wound data capture to enhance your decision making strategy. The analytics tools and dashboards are user friendly and enable your teams to understand and easily analyze wound outcomes.

EthosTM Therapy Solutions

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